Off-Grid Water Supply Options

For New and Existing Wells

We offer more off-grid options than anyone in the area by far. While others offer storage tanks or generators for water when the power grid is down, we offer more dependable and self sufficient options that are much smarter when you consider all that is involved.

remote-location-water-solutionsStorage tanks are a very good addition to any well and obviously we use them in both the rainwater systems that we install, but as an upgrade to a well system. Advantages are of course the obvious water on hand for you if for some reason your well is not providing water; but there are more advantages. One very important benefit is the removal of iron through oxidation and settling of the water. It also will eliminate the H2S gas “rotten egg” smell that is found in many of our wells. There is a 4th benefit and a very important one to the life of your submersible pump that is down the hole. A pump delivering water into a storage tank has much fewer starts per year and so lasts much longer. This leaves you with much less expense with the maintenance of the overall system.

Generators can help you get through a short time when the power is off but you have to store fuel for them. As we all know, gasoline does not keep these days and so that is not a good option and, at best, only serves you for a short period of time if you have not arranged either fuel storage or are using a very expensive propane or solar generator.
So what is the better and long term solution?
We have two much better options:

1) Solar Pumping and 2) Hand Pumping

Our SOLAR PUMP not only will run off direct sun from the solar array of panels but also from a generator, 115volt current and 230 volt current. You can throw almost any power to it and it will go. It will accept anything from 30 to 300 volts of DC power and 90 to 240 volts of AC power.

It also can run off a solar grid and inverter that you may have set up for a home or other uses on the property. This means it can run off batteries so that you have water at night and in cloudy situations. Just tell us your needs and we can provide the right equipment and installation for any circumstance.

water-during-power-outagesOur HAND PUMP is unlike any other and can go in your well right beside your conventional on-grid pump or solar pump. It’s there on call when power is out or your pump fails for any reason. This is not just a hand pump that will fill a bucket of water like others. This pump is piped into your existing pressure tank, so you pump until the tank has pressured up and go in the house and use water normally: flush toilets, take a shower, wash dishes, etc.

The SOLAR HAND PUMP. We now have the ability to convert your hand pump to accept a solar driven motor. The idea is a convertible attachment that easily allows you to go back and forth from using the hand pump lever to running your system powered by the sun.

Please consider that with a generator or the power grid you can absolutely run out of power and it happens all across the globe every minute. With solar and hand pumps there will be sunshine and there will be someone on site that can easily pump water for your needs. These options are more important now than ever in these times of energy awareness, green living and concern for power availability.

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