Simple Pump Water Well Hand Pump

For years people have been looking for a solution for their well water pumping during emergencies, power outages or other unforeseen problems. Brown’s Water Well has found your solution with the Simple Pump! It works in any location by simply installing and pumping with no electricity needed. You can also hook it up to a solar grid. The video below provided an excellent demonstration of the power and simplicity of this pump.

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Water Solutions for Remote Locations

When you live “out in the country”, you know it’s not a question of IF the power will go out. It’s a question of how long will it be out. Whether it’s a severe thunderstorm, tornado, civil unrest or one of many unforeseen problems, you know at some point, you’re going to be without power – possibly for weeks.

How are you going to get water to your home? If you don’t have a stock tank, you also need to get water to your livestock. A manual pump is an affordable, easy-to-use solution that allows you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you always have water available – with or without power!

Being prepared for emergencies is particularly vital in remote locations, as the very things that cause the interruptions in power also tend to limit mobility to travel anywhere to get potable water. You can consider buying … Read the rest

Off Grid Solutions for New and Existing Wells


We offer more off-grid options than anyone in the area by far. While others offer storage tanks or generators for water when the power grid is down we offer more dependable and self sufficient options that are much smarter when you consider all that is involved.

Storage tanks are a very good addition to any well and obviously we use them in both the rainwater systems that we install but as an upgrade to a well system. Advantages are of course the obvious water on hand for you if for some reason your well is not providing water but there are more advantages. One very important benefit is the removal of iron through oxidation and settling of the water. It also will eliminate the H2S gas “rotten egg” smell that is found in many of our wells. There is a 4th benefit and a very … Read the rest