Energy Efficient VSD Pumps

SolarFlex Water Supply System

solarflexThis option is an environmentally-friendly water supply system. The pumps are equipped with a permanent magnet motor, offering a very efficient energy usage. The perfect water supply solution where the power supply is unreliable to not available.

The SQFlex system is designed to be extremely flexible regarding its energy supply and performance needs. A battery backup system stores extra energy generated for future need. Built to accept both DC and AC power without an external converter-that’s about as flexible as you can get! This pump comes in a range of sized for every need, from watering livestock to field irrigation and greenhouse watering needs.

Want more?

» Off the grid with solar panels or wind turbines
» Low operating costs
» Dry-running protection
» High Efficiency
» Built-in sand shield

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Variable Speed Drive

One of the most efficient ways to operate your submersible water pump is with a variable speed drive (VSD) controller. Traditional single speed controllers are either “full on” or “full off”. They jump start and fill your pressurized tank to the set pressure, then stop. Then jump starts again when it reaches the threshold pressure. This repeated sudden starting tends to create heat and wears your motor out. It also draws the maximum electrical power each time it starts up.

A VSD works differently. It varies the speed in relationship to the output requirements of the water being used. If you’re using a small amount of water to water your garden, it adjusts accordingly-no need to draw all the amperage for just a relatively small requirement. This results in a substantial power (and operating cost) savings as well as much less strain on your motor, meaning it will last longer.

» Saves energy
» Cost efficient operation
» Saves wear and tear on motors resulting in longer life
» Affordable

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